The eclectic mind manifesto


Who this manifesto is not for: 

  • someone who is complacent to the status-quo and has no desire to challenge existing paradigms
  • someone who does not have the desire to explore their multiple potentials and find more meaningful ways of sharing their gifts
  • someone who settles for mediocre

Who this manifesto is for:

  • anyone who wants to live a life of uncompromising self-expression and authenticity
  • anyone with eclectic interests and an eclectic spirit waiting to come out and play
  • anyone who is willing to bring their whole self to the table, not just one tiny aspect of who they are
  • anyone who wants to live freely, think critically, and express themselves fully
  • anyone who is seeking expansion and growth on many levels of life in order to eventually pay it forward

If you’re here, there’s a good chance it’s for a reason!


Let me know what you think and leave a comment below.