My drawings – the why, how and what behind them

Let me state this right away: I draw because I enjoy it. And only because I enjoy it. I’m not the next da Vinci nor do I want to be. I don’t know anything about the technicalities of drawing and that’s awesome! Here’s why:

Drawing has always been something that I do for fun or to calm my mind. Had I studied the technical aspects of it, I would have started to over-think the whole process (something I am guilty of a lot) and that means I would find less pleasure in it. I don’t want to start thinking about angles and perspectives and ratios and shades. I just want to follow where the tip of my pencil takes me and watch something take shape in front of my eyes.

Often, I get inspired by an unusual face, striking features, an odd look, an aspect of personality that you can catch in a glimpse of a second, that draws you in and haunts you. That’s when I start drawing, attempting to capture what it is that struck me. Most times, I feel like I can’t. The spark of divinity I’m sometimes allowed to observe is very subtle, volatile and hard to capture, but I try nonetheless – just for the indulgence of letting that thought, that visual stay in my mind for a certain period of time, where I can play around with it, trying to grasp it fully.

Sounds like a lot of woo woo but that’s what it’s like for me. So after all this talking, here are some examples of my drawings:

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0 thoughts on “My drawings – the why, how and what behind them

  1. I relate to what you are saying, as art has become an escape from mind and linear thought for me for many years. I have often found hours can go by without my awareness when I am flowing with paint and color…I will stop, thinking it has been and hour, when 4 have gone by and my back, neck, and fingers are stiff! :) Love what your pencil captures!

  2. Thanks so much! Yeah, definitely. It’s great to escape the analyzing and linear thinking once in a while. :) One of my role models, Ray Peat PhD once said: “If physicists and biologists learn to see the world in a lively way by exercising the power to paint, they will learn to prevent the atrophy of their critical powers.” I’m sure he’s got a good point there! :)

    Seems like we really do have a lot in common! Would love to see your art work, Marga! x

  3. Holy crap these are so good! I love the one of the guy with the guitar. I’m always very impressed with people who can draw well (I suck at it). These look like photographs! Have you ever thought about doing comissions?

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